Geofencing – What, When, and How?

Have you ever entered a store, opened up your phone to a site like Facebook, and seen ads that are surprisingly relevant to the store you’re in? It could be something like entering a Rite Aid and seeing an ad for their new brand of shampoo or walking into an Apple store and seeing ads for their competitor, Samsung.

Scenarios like this happen thousands of times a day, every day, nearly everywhere on the planet. These are examples of what’s called location-based targeting, known more commonly as geofencing and geoframing.

What is Geofencing?

A “geofence” is the process of targeting mobile devices in a specific physical location. You can picture it like this: open up a map and outline a circle around a certain area, perhaps around your house or where you work. When this area is geofenced, everyone inside the circle during a specified date and time will get a predetermined ad on their mobile device. Geofencing has endless applications. It can be applied permanently or temporarily, for brick and mortar businesses, or for events.

Location-based advertising techniques like geofencing give marketers the ability to target potential customers based on incredibly specific geographic data. Geofencing is an effective method of ad targeting for several reasons. First, it’s an accurate way of delivering topical and timely information to a captive audience. In other words, people across the street from Rite Aid are going to be very open to an ad featuring Rite Aid’s products. Second, geo-targeted ads communicate to potential customers that the marketer is serious about them and their needs, how else would they have such accurate and helpful information about them? Third, geofencing is a great way for small, localized companies to compete against bigger brands.

Geofencing is an invaluable service for marketers who want to target mobile devices based on their location. This allows marketers to produce brand new sales, encourage repeat customers, and cultivate both new and existing customer relationships. Geofencing is also an excellent way to reach consumers for businesses who don’t already possess their first-party data.

Geofencing Simplified

According to Techopedia, geofencing is as follows: “A technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area.” Wikipedia defines it as a: “Virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.” Wikipedia’s definition of “virtual perimeter” is a great way to visualize what’s happening with a geofence. Once inside the virtual perimeter, the ads the person sees on their mobile device are controlled by the marketer who owns the geo-location.

Contrary to what many people might think, geofencing is not an especially complicated process of programming. It’s just about as simple as the process that we all use on a regular basis for using GPS functions of Apple Maps or Google Maps. Geofencing serves smartphone users with ads that are the most relevant to them. That’s the bottom line.

To put it another way, geofencing is a way for businesses to optimize their marketing strategy. This is especially relevant now since everyone has a smartphone and many people are constantly traveling between home, work, school, and many other destinations. This is a way for marketers to capture this behavior in a way that makes the most of every dollar they spend.

How does Geofencing work?

So this begs the question: how exactly does geofencing work? Well, marketers have the ability to establish a “fence” (radius around an address or destination, or a drawn frame) around a specific location. Again, think of it as opening up Google Maps and drawing a circle around your house. From there, an actionable audience can be targeted from that location. Before any ad is served, the device location is authenticated to ensure that it is within the proscribed radius.

Geofences can be identified and constructed from location names, types, postcodes, designated market areas (DMAs) and more. For example, and marketer could use a certain area code as a geofence, and everyone within that area code will be served with the predetermined ad. A marketer can also use the name of a location, such as “Grand Central Terminal” or “Miami Beach.”

The target audience for a particular geofence can also be based on a pre-known profile of each individual. For example, a marketer can choose to serve ads to frequent travelers currently in New York City or they can choose to serve ads to smokers in Boston.

Audience profiles like this that are based on location footprints are built over a period of time. Many targeting options are available: Ad Size (Banner, Full-page, Video), Device Type (Smartphone, Tablet), Operating System (Android, iOS), Age, Gender, etc.

What is Geoframing and how does it work?

Geoframing is a concept very similar to geofencing. Geoframing is an incredibly targeted tactic that enables the creation of a customized audience based on mobile devices collected within the parameters of location and time. The creation of a geoframe allows marketers to continue to target those collected users even after the users have left the geolocation. Think of it like giving individuals their own name tag when they enter a certain geographic location that they will maintain even after they leave that location. The name tag then allows marketers to target this individual for ads afterward for an extended period of time. Common scenarios for using geoframes includes attempting to attract repeat customers to a company, trying to attract foot traffic from a competitive business, or trying to upsell an existing customer.

Geoframing marketers use mobile service carrier and device ID information to create sets of users for custom audience targeting and Device ID Retargeting. After providing the required addresses, geoframes can be built by drawing a perimeter around specified locations. Finally, once the frame is created, mobile IDs of potential targets will be aggregated for specific locations and timeframes.

Benefits of using Geofencing and Geoframing!

The benefits of geofencing and geoframing to both marketers and consumers are obvious, and though it’s still a new practice, the rate of success achieved with it is immeasurable.

First, consumers benefit from receiving ads and offers that are relevant to their current location. For marketers, geofencing works as an ads portal. This is established when potential consumers are close to a store or any given location. This enables marketers and businesses to send relevant ads, coupons, discounts, and giveaways. This is invaluable for establishing and cultivating a brand name, and brands are the gold standard for marketing.

Also, for businesses and marketers, geofencing links an offline business to the matching online presence. Imagine the power of inviting a potential customer to like or follow your business on social media as they’re walking past your storefront! In this way, it serves as a portal for connecting a business’ brick and mortar operation with its online brand.

Real-Time Analytics and Automation

Beyond branding, geofencing provides real-time analytics. Analytics are also an invaluable resource for marketers and brands. This allows for effective A/B testing and optimized targeting in the future.

Another selling point of geofencing is the potential for integration with a business’ existing operations. For example, many diners at a restaurant will want to logon to free Wifi. This presents a business with the unique opportunity of serving ads and encouraging the strengthening of the customer-business relationship. This can also be encouraged by simply sending messages to people walking past via geofencing, and notifying them of the free WiFi they can enjoy while in a certain location.

One massive selling point of geofencing is that it’s fully automated. It allows a business to target customers automatically based on predetermined criteria. This process can be repeated user after user, day after day, for as long as a business can spend the money to serve the ads. The business will be able to choose from a variety of desired actions (website visits, leads, sales, conversions, etc.).

Finally, geofencing allows a marketer to see the real-time response to the ads. This is literally true. You can sit at a computer or smartphone and watch in real-time as ad results update, display conversions, views, and sales.

Value of location-based marketing

To conclude, geofencing and geoframing are incredibly valuable, scalable, and potentially profitable methods of targeting consumers and converting them into customers. Having said that, while geofencing can optimally target customers, it’s not cheap. Geofencing through an existing platform like Facebook Ads is easy to implement from scratch but can be expensive. Businesses can also develop their own platform, which can run anywhere from several thousand dollars to $50k. As we’ve discussed, however, if done properly, geofencing is the single best way to target consumers and convert them into sales and repeat customers.

Local SEO Company In Vancouver

Local SEO Company In Vancouver

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is one of the most effective and beneficial ways to market and showcase your business to the online audience. With the help of these services, you can easily reach to your target audience at the exact time they are looking for you. Local SEO helps your business to grow and reach the audience on a very large scale like never before.Millions of local customers use local search every day to find the best local businesses in their area. You can help increase your chances of getting found by these potential customers, by using these services offered by the best Local SEO Company in Vancouver.

Why should you invest in Local SEO Agency Vancouver?

There are tons of advantages of getting these services for your online business. You can increase your sales on an immense rate for both the online and offline stores. If you are still not aware of the many benefits that these services have in store for you then do not worry. We are here with some of the strong reasons that will definitely convince you to invest in these services right away.Apart from the overall audience, your main target should definitely be the local customers. Especially when you have a local business to run. This service will help you connect with them on a larger scale.Local SEO services will bring out the higher conversion rates to your business.Mobile internet and users are immensely growing which eventually complements the local SEO services. Therefore, if your local presence on the search engine is great, you will automatically get more audience driven to your website.With these services, you can easily outrank your competitors and the chances of staying on top become higher.

Demand for Local SEO agencies in Vancouver, Canada

Apart from being a beautiful city, Vancouver also is a hub for digital marketing growth. Most people and businesses are now investing in the local SEO services in order to increase their reach and eventually profit. Almost 18% of the local mobile searches lead to sales within one day. 78% of online research leads to offline sales on a high scale.Not only this, 71% of the people have admitted using the internet to find and confirm location before actually visiting the store. People either use desktop or mobiles to connect with the online business these days which becomes the major reason for your business to rely on these services. This demand is expected to grow in the coming years as well for the most obvious reasons.

Why us?

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How to choose Web Development Agency in Surrey

Looking for Web Development in Surrey?

Are you looking for the best web development company in Surrey? If yes, then we at Bullseye Tech Group have got you covered with our services. Web development is a crucial part of the overall digital marketing process. With the collective efforts of our team, we focus on providing satisfying results to our customers. For more details, you can feel free to contact and browse us anytime to get the details about the web development services we offer in Surrey, Canada.

Our result-oriented services make us the best website development agency in Surrey. Unlike other companies, our main aim is to provide quality results. You can also choose us for providing the best quality services that are delivered at the promised time. Web development is important for your business in numerous ways which will be discussed further.

Web Development Services we provide

Most people confuse the terms web designing and web development, but both are different from each other. Web development can be described as the coding or programming that enables website functionality. These services range from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications. Below mentioned are some of the services that we provide to our happy customer.

  • WordPress development services.
  • Magento development services.
  • Laravel website development.
  • E-commerce development services or E-commerce portal creation services.

Perks of website development services for your business

You should not be listening to anyone who says you do not need web development services for your online business. Web development has become a vital part of earning business and profit in the online world. If your website is being handled by the best website developers in Surrey, then you will realize the difference instantly. Here are some of the other advantages of using Web Development for your website;

  1. Appearance of your website will always count. The professional web development services will make sure your website look presentable to the customers.
  2. Compatibility matters a lot when it comes to good web development services. These services help in making your website compatible to all web browsers and mobile types.
  3. A website developer will help in designing your logo & image for your website so that it meshes with your marketing plan.
  4. Quality website development services will build a website that allows the customers to reach you with utmost ease.
  5. Professional services will ensure that your website is user friendly and SEO friendly so that reaching your customers becomes super easy.

The demand for website development services in Surrey

Website development is in a growing state in Surrey, Canada. Every firm small or big is now investing in these services to take their online business to another level. Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, is among Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse cities that are also becoming digital. People these days, only stick to a website that provides them with quality information and is user–friendly. If your website lacks these qualities then all your online efforts are surely going to waste. Quality development is required due to increased competition and this demand is increasing like never before and is expected to increase in the coming years as well.

Why you should choose Bullseye Tech Group for your Web Development?

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How to choose the right SEO Agency Vancouver!

Why you should be interested in SEO?

Finding the best SEO agency in Vancouver is a difficult task to perform as there are tons of digital marketing firms that will promise the world, but lack when it comes to delivering results. Our services at Bullseye Tech Group are sure to provide the best possible results for your business to grow and expand. If you are looking for the top SEO agency in Vancouver, Canada then we are one of the best option for you. You can feel free to contact us anytime to get the best details about the SEO services.

Internet and technology have occupied the market from stationery shops to the gadgets market all over the world. The digital world is becoming the key to success for every small scale business to large scale for the most extent. It becomes very important to trade online for selling and providing products and services to consumers. Online presence of a company provides consumers to make a perception of them easily, so it is imperative to present a professional front.

Types of SEO Services we provide

Search Engine Optimization refers to generating online and offline traffic to websites with various tactics and tools. Many of which are considered black-hat and can make search engines such as Google to completely remove your website from the indexes. We provide only white hat SEO services to our potential customers. So, if you are not aware of the different types of SEO services then we have got you covered. Below mentioned are some of the Search Engine Optimization services in Vancouver that we provide.

On Page SEO services

On Page SEO services are for ranking your site at the top with external and internal link building. It also includes the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized. Most of the search engines give preference to the on page activities on the websites. So, our SEO agency in Vancouver focuses on providing the best on page services.

  • Keyword Research
  • Making the website search engine friendly
  • Addition of the Meta tags, Meta keywords, meta description to name a few of them.
  • Content optimization, internal linking, Back links etc.
  • Google webmaster and analytics code addition.

Off Page Seo Service, Vancouver

It is a technique to rank your site higher in the search engines by building high-quality backlinks. There are many tactics to follow for off page SEO, so we use various tools for ranking websites. Below are some of the strategies for the off page SEO services.

  • Blog Creation
  • Article submission.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Image, video sharing, ppt.
  • Question answering.
  • Directory submission.
  • Guest Blogging
  • Profile creation etc.

Why is there such a growing demand for SEO Services in Vancouver?

In today’s world, every company wants to rank their website high in the search results for delivering their products and services to their customers. The online presence of businesses in every industry is increasing due to competition, and advancements in internet technologies. So it is not an easy task to rank you at the top of the search results. Hence why many companies hire SEO Agencies for increasing their online presence and rankings. SEO and web marketing agencies are growing across North America due to increasing demand. The demand for SEO is increasingly growing, especially in Vancouver, Canada and other urban and suburban cities across North America.

Who should you choose for your SEO?

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So, if you are looking for the best SEO agency in Vancouver then we hope this might have been helpful for you. Go ahead, contact us now to get the best SEO services for your company!

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Guide To Physiotherapy Marketing – SEO and Web Development

Here are some tips and guide about SEO and web development for physiotherapists according to some credible SEO for physiotherapists services. Physiotherapy Marketing!

Here are some tips and guide about SEO and web development for physiotherapists according to some credible Physiotherapy Marketing services.

1. Do Local SEO

Every business should work on SEO. But every business cannot focus on international clients or local users. They have a different product or service. Physiotherapists can focus more on local consumers as there are plenty of patients in every area who need quality services. Local SEO is all organic traffic and much more effective.

2. Show Your Specialty

While you work on SEO for chiropractors, never forget to showcase your strength, special skills, treatment options, services, facilities, and other special things. SEO makes you reach more potential clients so they should know why you are better than other physiotherapists and why they should get your services. SEO with showcasing specialty will do wonders.

3. Present Your Niches

The niche refers to what areas you are good at and which services you offer. Along with niche, present your best qualities, pricing plans, services as well as other worth sharing information. Stuff like this makes a huge impact on the clients and they can make quick decisions when it comes to choosing a service. The sad part is many companies don’t follow this suit.

4. Create Quality Content

Content has always remained of great importance for any business website that includes SEO for chiropractors and SEO for physiotherapists. Similarly, for physiotherapists, the content is necessary. They should focus on proving information, quality content with their blog posts. They can also use videos and infographics

5. Use Responsive Web Designs

Every website should have a responsive web design these days because it is the need of the hour. Similarly, physiotherapists should improve the site aesthetics as well as quality with responsive web designs. Such designs are more user-friendly, responsive, fast and interactive. They help customers to take actions and make purchases.

6. Improve Site Speed

The site speed should be superfast. We see not many sites with more loading times and that is because users don’t like such sites. A site where pages take more than five seconds to load is irritating for the users as well as consumers. They stop visiting such sites because they waste a lot of time and make customers wait.

7. Make Navigation Easy

Navigation is moving from one page to another and taking actions on the sites. For physiotherapists, it is imperative to make navigation really simple on the sites if they want to clinch a good number of consumers. Converting users into customers can be easy if the site is user-friendly and allows maximum navigation without much trouble.

8. Go Mobile-Friendly when Physiotherapy Marketing

If a business is ignoring the mobile-friendly version of the site, they are making a huge mistake, most of today’s web traffic comes from mobile platforms. Studies show that the future is all about mobile browsing so why you want to annoy a huge number of consumers. The mobile-first indexing feature has also been introduced that allows users to index their sites for mobiles. This is what physiotherapists should also focus on because they will get more traffic, more customers, better brand awareness and it is helpful in building brand image.

Dental Marketing – SEO & Web Development

Here are some reasons why you should hire an SEO Consultant for your dental marketing in Vancouver

1. Target Clients

With your site’s SEO, you can expand your dental business and attract more clients. SEO is the best way to connect with the right consumers, target potential customers and bring them to your business. You will need clients to keep the business going so this is the best way to bring in more patients.

2. Improve Services

SEO is not just about marketing campaigns and getting more customers. Sites with successful and good SEO have reliable services and they are known for their quality. So when you will get more customers, you will focus more on quality of services and treatment being given to the patients. This will prove good for business growth. SEO for dentists is a must..

3. Grow Your Dental Clinic

The businesses show growth and make progress when they get regular clients and earn profits. But to get customers and make more money, you need to focus on marketing. Dental SEO is a sort of marketing for dentists and doctors who want to expand their business. SEO is considered the best tool to establish a successful business.

4. Become More Popular

The businesses show growth and make progress when they get regular clients and earn profits. But to get customers and make more money, you need to focus on marketing. Dental SEO is a sort of marketing for dentists and doctors who want to expand their business. SEO is considered the best tool to establish a successful business.

How to Choose a Dental Marketing Web Development and SEO Service?

Bellow are a few tips and steps that will help you choose a web development and SEO service in the dental industry.

1. Dental Project List

First, you should check the previous projects done by the web development when you have to choose one. Then see how many dental web development and design projects they have done. This will let you decide better about the company.

2. Customer Support

First, you should check the previous projects done by the web development when you have to choose one. Then see how many dental web development and design projects they have done. This will let you decide better about the company.

3. Web Design Charges

The pricing and rates of dental web design companies also matter a lot. You should do some research market and see what are the rates for different tasks of web development and design. Then choose the company or service with best plans and affordable charges.

4. Check Customer Reviews

By reading customer reviews, you can make good decisions when it comes to choosing a web development for dentists service. You should check the genuine and original customer reviews. This will surely help you make a better decision for choosing the right dental web design company.

5. Client Retention Rate

By reading customer reviews, you can make good decisions when it comes to choosing a web development for dentists service. You should check the genuine and original customer reviews. This will surely help you make a better decision for choosing the right dental web design company.